Information for Adult Learners

The course includes;

  • Three 60 minute sessions; 5 days a week.
  • A course book and sometimes a students’ workbook.
  • Use of authentic British media; newspaper or magazine articles; the internet.
  • Grammar reference books available as necessary.
  • Any work or study material that you may choose to bring with you.
  • Unlimited tea, herbal teas and coffee whenever you want.

adult learnerI am well equipped to offer a variety of learning experiences for adult learners; from improving English for use in a business setting, to helping to prepare for interviews or even guidance on advertising material. My background includes having worked as a ghost writer, fundraiser, and mural painter and I have been an active campaigner for human rights and democracy. I have helped students with careers as varied as a stock market analyst and a film director.

On the first day we will discuss how you want to use our time.

  • How shall we divide the time between speaking skills, listening skills, pronunciation, grammar, reading and writing?
  • Which of these skills are most important to you?
  • Which grammar areas do you struggle with?
  • To what extent do you want to revise and consolidate the language you already know?
  • In what situations do you need to use English, and how can we help in those areas?

Some students bring academic papers that they want to discuss. Some like their grammar served with coffee and cake. Some like to practice their conversation while walking for hours. What would YOU like?

adult learnerAs my student you will meet our friends. They are a diverse mixture of people from lawyers to environmentalists. This may lead to you sharing dinner with a nutritionist, dancing with an occupational therapist having a country walk with a doctor with an interest in quantum physics!

We are good at recognising the links between my students and my friends. This means that if you have an interest that I do not share, we can probably link you up with someone who knows more about it. We have generous, welcoming friends, who have been happy to share their passions, be it Tango dancing or country walks, with my students.